about me

About me


Hello I'm Irena Inumaru.

I was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now called Serbia), lived in London and now based in Tokyo where my mum is from.

I am an illustrator, art director and sometimes designer. I love telling stories through drawings, and to do portraits of people that I find interesting. Currently I am working on my personal project, an illustrated book about Belgrade, where I was born. I am always open for any questions and commissions.

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I also keep a photo diary.

briefly about my history

I started drawing when I was very little. This is me 3 years old, my mum teaching me japanese kanji as an experiment. I used crayons and drew on everything. One day, some people convinced me I cannot draw and I entered a non-creative period.

When I grew up, I met a girl called Jelena on a snowy day, that made me believe in myself again. After that, I never stopped drawing.

I graduated from art college, and learned how to design books, do typography and illustrate. I started as a designer, then evolved to an art director. I started in a small digital agency, followed by Communis DDB in Belgrade then worked at Dentsu, Google UK, Ogilvy Action London, Geometry Global, Nike Japan and McCann in Tokyo.

Irena, 3 years old

Irena, 3 years old


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Irena currently lives and works in Yanaka, a nostalgic part of Tokyo, Japan where people are still talking to each other.


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